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The Ultimate Wedding Gift Guide

Two simple words: I do. They mean so much. They mean a lifetime together. The gift of love is so precious and great that it can be hard to choose an appropriate wedding present. The best love is enduring, and so are the best wedding gifts. Wedding season is no longer only spring and fall, so chances are someone you know is planning “the big day” all year round. Check out our top picks for gifts that are built to last and tailor made for the five kinds of couples you already know.

The Hosts

They always have the party at their place. Whether it’s New Year’s Eve or St. Patty’s Day, they have the decorations, food and drink down to a T. Now that they’re saying “I do,” you know exactly where you’ll be spending your Labor Day weekend fun. It’s time to give back some of the hospitality they’ve shown you over the years by gifting something unique that will fill a special niche in their home.

  • Bach Collection: This collection is a must when they’re going retro. Form and function come together with gorgeous art deco styling. Special features: SON.hyxTITANIUM Reinforced.
  • Sublime Collection: Subtle, clean lines create a simple and timeless collection that is suitable for every day, and perfect for get-togethers. These glasses are both austere and stylish, giving them versatility for years to come. Special features: SON.hyx.
  • Prestige Collection: With sleek modern styling and an eye-catching angular design, these dishwasher-safe glasses are ideal for home entertainment. Special features: SON.hyxTITANIUM Reinforced.

The Locavores

All summer long, they’re cooking and preserving the bounty from their local CSA. You’ll find them hunting down local wine, beer and cheese on the weekends. When they’re not fraternizing with local farms and food producers, they’re probably gathering wild edibles or growing their own garden. Reusable glassware fits perfectly into their lives, as well as their kitchen. Give the gift of the finest Italian glassware to suit their needs.

  • Lock Eat Collection: Revolutionary food containers for a new generation of food lovers. The innovative glass tops make rusty lids a thing of the past. Lock Eat is dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe for today’s modern lifestyle. Canning, preserving and storing food has never been easier.
  • Optima Collection: Optima was made with one thing in mind: everyday functionality for the true food lover. Milk, juice, oil and vinegar all have their own specific container in this collection to optimize conventional use with made-in-Italy glassware. Dishwasher safe and eco-friendly, Optima is the perfect choice for DIYers.
  • T-Glass Collection: Chances are that gatherings are casual and active with this couple. This collection will stay stable indoors or outdoors no matter what’s going on, while still offering up a detailed glassware design that allows for unparalleled drink enjoyment. Special features: SON.hyx.

The Specialists

They may not know everything, but they do know a few things really, really well. We have many names for these characters: connoisseurs, aficionados and enthusiasts. They fall in love with something specific, and then jump into it head first. Give them the ultimate gift for their pastime passion.

  • Birrateque Collection: This is “the” artisan glassware for savvy beer lovers. These glasses are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and display bold designs that echo each beer style. Made in conjunction with the esteemed Centro Studi Assaggiatori, this collection features an etched bottom that helps maintain a steady stream of bubbles, controlling the foam at the top of the glass. Special features: SON.hyx.
  • Supremo Collection: Elegant form and masterful design create an unparalleled glassware collection for oenophiles and wine enthusiasts. The shape of each glass was specifically crafted with assistance from Centro Studi Assaggiatori to enhance the aroma and flavor, elevating your wine tasting experience. Special features: SON.hyxTITANIUM Reinforced.
  • Thermic Collection: Handmade, double-walled borosilicate glass creates a collection that is unique in function and appearance. The double-walled design is perfect for cold or hot drinks, making this the ideal glassware for tea and coffee lovers. Gorgeous aesthetics and sturdy design come together in the daily cup.

The Minimalists

They don’t like clutter, and they don’t want lots of stuff. For their honeymoon, they might be backpacking through Europe, or beach-bumming around the Indonesian islands. While these two don’t need much, there’s always a few essentials that they’ll find handy.

  • Atelier Collection: They eschew the trappings of life, but they usually love pieces that are different and artistic. This contemporary collection is unique in design, while still remaining functional for daily use. Dishwasher safe and ultra strong for years of carefree enjoyment. Special features: SON.hyx.
  • Birrateque Tester: If you had to choose one beer glass, this should be it. Specifically crafted to accentuate the taste and aroma of coveted craft brews that are bottle-conditioned or bought on draft, this glass is versatile and uniquely suited for in-depth tastings. Casual and yet elegant, the Birrateque Tester is dishwasher safe and has been made to last. This special glass was crafted in conjunction with Centro Studi Assaggiatori. Special features: SON.hyxTITANIUM Reinforced.
  • Intenso Collection: Graceful modern styling is the hallmark of the Intenso Collection. Each glass has been crafted to accentuate wines of varying ages from young to old. No matter the collection, Intenso will bring out the best in each bottle from under 3 years to over 7 years old. Special features: SON.hyxTITANIUM Reinforced.

The “Just Starting Out” Couple

When couples start out in a marriage, sometimes they’re starting a new home in a new place. That means that they’ll need the basics. These essentials are the perfect gift for newlyweds who are working from scratch, and building a home and future together.

  • Wine Profiles Collection: If only it were easy to pick out which wine glass you need for that new bottle you just bought at the store. Wait … it is! The Wine Profiles Collection has created a glass for each type of wine you’ll encounter, from juicy reds to soft whites. Now those lengthy descriptions on the label will finally mean something! Special features: SON.hyxTITANIUM Reinforced.
  • Prezioso Green Collection: Perfect for entertaining year round, this collection offers unique, faceted styling that will stand out. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. This collection also comes in blue or clear glass. Special features: Sparkx.
  • Classico Collection: Contemporary styling and superior craftsmanship make this collection a timeless addition to the home. Classico is dishwasher safe for everyday use, and beautiful enough for every occasion. Special features: SON.hyx.

Giving the ultimate gift is a culmination of truly knowing the happy couple, and what they love in life. This go-to guide will help you bring smiles and memories to that special couple tying the knot for a lifetime ahead.

At Luigi Bormioli, we take pride in our Italian-crafted, superior quality glassware that’s dishwasher safe, lead-free and eco-friendly. You will enjoy their beauty, durability and strength for many years to come. We aim to enhance your tabletop lifestyle and entertaining experience with a glass for every occasion. When the moment matters, the glass matters.

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