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Sustainable Development

Bormioli Luigi has always pursued a sustainable development policy by opting for technological and operating solutions most able to monitor and minimize the environmental impact of its production processes.

This is amply testified by the historic decision to use electric furnaces for melting the glass: over the last 25 years, this policy has led to a saving in CO2 equivalent to the benefit provided by 850,000 trees during their life cycle, i.e. as many trees as 16 km2 of forest contains.

The only emissions are the inevitable ones produced by the carbonates released by the raw materials, since electrical melt furnaces do not produce carbon dioxide.
Bormioli Luigi takes part in the Emissions Trading system with certificate annual amounts.

100% of the broken glass resulting from production waste is recycled by the company. This leads to savings in raw materials and energy amounting to 10% of its annual requirements.

Energy saving is of prime importance and constantly monitored both by staff training and awareness raising, and by providing the installations and systems with thermal insulation to prevent heat dispersion.

Bormioli Luigi takes all the necessary measures to recycle waste materials: in addition, dedicated water recirculation systems allow the company to save a large amount of water. Bormioli Luigi opts for solutions able to continually improve its environmental performance, being well aware of the intrinsic importance of these issues if an enterprise is to "work well and correctly".

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