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Never Let Your Drink Get Cold Again (or Keep It Cold!)

We’ve all heard it before: it’s the simple pleasures in life. An ice cold drink on a hot day. A warm mug of coffee on a chilly morning. A beautiful glass sitting just so on the table, as you ponder life in between sips.

In the same way, little things can detract from the moment—like a sweating glass that slips from your fingers as you grab it or a hot drink that cools too quickly. In the spirit of form and function we need glassware that can fit all of our needs for hot and cold beverages, and do so in style. That’s why we’ve crafted the one-of-a-kind Luigi Bormioli Thermic Collection.



We can’t stress it enough: in our clothes, our food and our life, when you’re looking for the best there is, it’s ideal to use what the professionals use. That’s why Thermic is crafted from borosilicate glass. Fancy word? You bet! Borosilicate glass is special. It’s the choice of professional laboratory applications across the globe because of its very low coefficients of thermal expansion. You might ask … thermal what? In layman’s terms, borosilicate glass is highly resistant to thermal shock, meaning you can pour very hot or very cold beverages in without worrying about cracking the glass. This also means that the entire Thermic line is dishwasher-friendly. Cleanup is a breeze, and you won’t worry about breaking your favorite glasses (which these will surely become!).

Double or Nothing


Burning your hand on a mug, slippery condensation on a cold glass and the lukewarm cappuccino: these are the banes of enjoying a cold or hot drink. We’re putting an end to that with a double-walled design that is not only extremely practical but also downright gorgeous. One look and you’ll see why we’re so proud of the aesthetic appeal. Your favored drink quickly becomes a modern work of art, ethereal in how it floats, suspended and cradled within layers of pristine and artfully fashioned glass.

Coffee and Tea

Thermic is ideal for the barista and coffee aficionado. Prefer drip coffee or French press? Look to the Thermic Cafe with its generously shaped mug design. If you’re a purist and only espresso will do, Thermic Espressino is your go-to. Baristi will love Thermic Cappuccino for its traditional shape that’s perfect for pouring beautiful latte art.

Maybe coffee isn’t your cup of tea, and you prefer an Autumnal Flush Darjeeling or some fine Keemun. Whether it’s herbal, black, green or white tea, look no further than Thermic Beverage to meet your glassware needs. With a contoured shape that fits “just so” in the hand, it’s ideal for your favorite hot, or iced, tea creations.

Raising the Bar

It’s late, you’re tired and the day was long. Maybe you don’t want herbal tea tonight. Hot toddy or mulled bourbon-spiked cider? Maybe just a good Old Fashioned is calling your name. Hot or cold, Thermic Double Old Fashioned is the perfect addition to your barware. Elegant double-walled design and futuristic aesthetics combine in a functional and fun package that will easily shift between ice cold cocktails and that specialty niche of warm alcoholic drinks. No need to feel boxed in by convention with these glasses. Why not whip up a one of-a-kind-beer float with your favorite stout and ice cream? Add a side of cookies for a scrumptious treat.

The Meaning of Barista


Barista is Italian for bartender, and while that commonly applies to the espresso bar, it can apply to bars in general. Whether it’s coffee, tea or your favorite libation, Thermic is clearly the barista’s choice! These dishwasher-safe, double-walled borosilicate glasses will change the way you drink with their jaw-dropping aesthetics and stunning thermal properties. Made in Italy with the aficionado in mind!

At Luigi Bormioli, we take pride in our Italian-crafted, superior quality glassware. You will enjoy the beauty, durability and strength of your glasses for many years to come. We aim to enhance your tabletop lifestyle and entertaining experience with a glass for every occasion. When the moment matters, the glass matters.

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