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If You Like This Wine, You’ll Like This Beer

It’s no secret that the craft beer scene’s popularity has exploded, but sometimes the choices on the shelf can get a bit overwhelming. Maybe you’re more of a wine person, and you haven’t really gotten into craft beer. Maybe you want to give beer a try and find one you like, but just don’t want to be disappointed.

As they say—variety is the spice of life! If the wine lover in you still hasn’t found a beer, let us help. This handy guide will show you which beers to try based on your favorite vino. We’ll also outline the best glasses for savoring these amazing brews.

If you like Riesling or Gewurztraminer, you’ll like tripels and Belgian-style golden ales

  • Fruity and sweet in character, these German grape varietals are similar in body and color to the Belgian style ale. Some of them even exhibit a subtle natural effervescence (just like the brew).
  • Those who favor the sweetness and fruity/spice characteristics of these wines will favor spiced golden ales in particular. Gewurztraminer, in particular, is known for showcasing spice characteristics not unlike those found in Belgian-style golden ales.
  • Recommended glassware: Birrateque Wheat.

If you like a dry Sauvignon Blanc, try pilsners

  • Crisp, refreshing and food-friendly, this beer is the malt- and hop-driven counterpart to the famous French grape (without all the bubbles).
  • Sauvignon Blanc boasts minerality and vegetal flavors that are reminiscent of herbal hop flavors and crisp, clean finishes found in authentic pilsners from Europe.
  • Recommended glassware: Birrateque Tester.

If you like a Cava, try saisons

  • Cava’s effervescent carbonation, traditional bottle-conditioning and light body are strikingly similar to the familiar qualities of this Belgian-style beer.
  • Just like Cava, saisons can range from very dry to sweeter and fruitier. Depending on what you like, seek a saison to match (some even have fruit added!).
  • Aromatic notes range from earthy to floral and fruit-forward, and acidity varies from beer to beer, much as it does among bottles of Cava. Some saisons are especially funky and sour. Read the label and look for reviews online.
  • Recommended glassware: Birrateque Seasonal.

If you like Pinot Noir or Lambrusco Frizzante, seek sour ales such as Oud Bruin or Flanders Red

  • Flanders Sour Ales are unique beers known to be the most wine-like among connoisseurs. Their complex, sour and deeply fruity flavors often include tannic qualities that are rarely seen in ales.
  • Oud Bruin will be more beer-like, showcasing notes of stewed fruits and dark malts more so than red fruit notes associated with Flanders Red ale styles.
  • Some are aged in wine barrels, adding in surprising flavors for the wine lover.
  • Seek barrel-aged beers with fruit added for a wine-like treat (some are sour ales and others are not).
  • Recommended glassware: Birrateque Seasonal.


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