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Make a New Year’s Resolution to Learn About Wine

Every great New Year’s resolution starts with a plan. That’s why we’ve put together the perfect curriculum to help you learn more about wine! All you need to do is set a reminder and follow the links below throughout 2018! Remember, it’s OK to read (and try!) the same thing a couple times. Practice makes perfect, and true connoisseurs are made, not born.

So grab a glass and a comfy spot and read on! Start this January with the two posts below and then work your way through the list. You’ll become a wine aficionado before you know it.

Early winter

Start with the basic differences between wines and stemware, and practice identifying flavors and aromas.


Sip your way through the longer days of the year and enjoy learning even more with these posts.


Cozy up with your favorite vino and unwind with some more wine knowledge.

Can’t wait to learn more? Check our blog for the latest on wine, food and more!

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