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Many are the times, in the complex life of a glass factory, when superior human qualities are required.

Only the flair of an enterprising man can create innovation, only the equilibrium of a sensible man can evaluate opposite opinions, only the spontaneous generosity of an intelligent man is to the good of an undertaking.

This awareness inspires the tasks performed by everyone who works in the company, with the responsible and enthusiastic spirit of those who also achieve personal success.


We wish to explore new frontiers and opportunities. We're open to every initiative that can lead to an improvement in knowledge, behavior, technologies, development and create increased value for both us and our clients.


In Bormioli Luigi, innovation is a state of mind you experience day by day: we want to learn, change, overcome our limits. This is an essential way to be if a company is to last: stay young and face each new day with the same enthusiasm.


Balanced and independent financial management is essential if freedom of decision and action are to be guaranteed.

Only in this way does the will to create the destiny we believe is worthy of being achieved, acquire a sense.

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