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Wine Glasses

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Learn About Wine

Every great New Year’s resolution starts with a plan. That’s why we’ve put together the perfect curriculum to help you learn more about wine! All you need to do is set a reminder and follow the links below throughout 2018! Remember, it’s OK to read (and try!) the same thing a couple times. Practice makes…

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Salute! Michelangelo Celebrates 40 Years

Icon: (i·con) /ˈaɪˌkɑn/ Noun A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something Through a commitment to our core values and superior craftsmanship, we’re humbled to say we’ve become an icon in Italian-made glassware. We’re proud to celebrate 40 years of success with our beloved Michelangelo Collection! That’s right—you didn’t misread. For four straight…

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How to Host a ​Late ​Summer Wine Tasting

Summer always seems to go by too quickly. At the start, you can’t wait for all the fun you have planned, but then before you know it, June and July have come and gone. Just because summer’s fading doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the last of it! Why not go out with a bang? To…

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How Your Glass Can Help Aerate Your Wine

Once you’ve seen a diamond in the rough, it becomes dramatically clear how much a gemstone can change with just a little intervention. Careful polishing and cutting can reveal something of breathtaking quality. From grape to bottle, and bottle to glass, wine shares a similar development. Wine is something that evolves both in the bottle…

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5 Summer Wines You Need to Try

The weather is hot. You’re in your shorts and flip-flops. Dinner is on the grill. But what’s in your glass? Chances are it’s a chilled-to-perfection white wine—we’ll raise a glass to that! And, we’ll also encourage you to consider a sultry rosé or (gasp!) a hearty red. Curious? No sweat: We’ve done the work for…

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3 Table Wines You Need to Try

Sometimes we dress up to the nines, and other times we just throw on a pair of jeans and an old t-shirt. Life is all about the ebb and flow. And when we’re keeping it casual, we want our food and drink to match. This is where a great table wine shines. Easy drinking and…

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Wine 101: 10 Facts Every Wine Lover Must Know

Yes, there are a lot of nuances with wine, but there is no reason to feel intimidated, when all you want to do is enjoy a glass with family or friends. So whether you’re an aficionado or novice, we’ve assembled a quick primer for you to make sure you raise your glass with confidence. Read…

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The Ultimate Wedding Gift Guide

Two simple words: I do. They mean so much. They mean a lifetime together. The gift of love is so precious and great that it can be hard to choose an appropriate wedding present. The best love is enduring, and so are the best wedding gifts. Wedding season is no longer only spring and fall,…

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Everything You Need to Know About Pairing Chocolate with Wine

Some things are just better together. It’s hard to find two delicacies that are more widely loved than gourmet chocolate and fine wine. As fortune would have it, these two indulgences can come together to create some of the best food and drink pairings. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and love is meant to…

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