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Hosting a Wine Tasting Party

So after a week of thoughts and dreams about a perfect indoor activity with your friends, the choice fell on a wine tasting party. It’s nontrivial, elegant and fun. Great decision!   Where to start? While the idea sounds really entertaining, without a good plan the intelligent party can turn into a college-like rager. Well,…

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Make a New Year’s Resolution to Learn About Wine

Every great New Year’s resolution starts with a plan. That’s why we’ve put together the perfect curriculum to help you learn more about wine! All you need to do is set a reminder and follow the links below throughout 2018! Remember, it’s OK to read (and try!) the same thing a couple times. Practice makes…

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5 Easy Homemade Gifts

Gift-giving can be a tricky business. What makes a gift truly special? It’s when it comes from the heart. A heartfelt gesture infused with the spirit of thoughtfulness is unmistakably genuine, and always appreciated by the recipient. An easy way to show you really care is to make something unique as part of your gift!…

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Store and Serve Brandied Fruits in Style (Recipe Included!)

Brandied fruits are a treat! They are as perfect in cocktails as they are alongside foie gras. Whether it’s cherries or apricots, the fruit’s flavor melds perfectly with the oak and spirit notes from the brandy. It’s no wonder brandied fruits have been popular for so long. They’re the gift that keeps on giving back.…

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Get the Most Out of Wine With Our Free Tasting Mat

Although enjoying a glass of wine can be a casual experience, there’s always something sophisticated about it. It’s one of the great gustatory pleasures, and deserves contemplative appreciation. From bottle to glass, wine is stately, so even if we’re in jeans and a t-shirt, we can’t help but want to savor the aroma and flavors…

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Sundaes to Go!

Ice cream. It’s so good that it has its own song. Some of the very first food trucks were created just to deliver this frozen treat to the neighborhood. For many, the ice cream sundae is the pinnacle of ice cream enjoyment; however, most of us enjoy it only when we visit our local ice…

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Treat Yourself – You Time 2.0

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself. All work and no play… well, we know how that ends up. It’s important to “get away from it all,” even for a little bit. Maybe you’re just escaping the weekly rush with family and work. Maybe it’s rainy out, you had a bad day at the office…

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Why Decant Wine?

Why do we serve fine cheeses and cakes at room temperature? Why do we wait a little before we carve a roast? Why braise some cuts of meat and grill others? Because it’s better, that’s why! To our wine lovers, let’s turn the focus on decanting and why it makes wine better. Soak up why…

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How to Set Your Table (Like the Italians)

Visions of an apron-clad Nonna giving smothering hugs and encouraging “mangia!” come to mind when we think about the Italian table. We’ve had our cheek pinched many a time entering a gracious Italian home—and the price was worth it for what was to follow. Italian homes are known for hospitality, the kitchen overflowing with heady…

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